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Association tour to the “Hunters, Warriors, Spirits” exhibition

29 JUL 2022

The exhibition “Hunters, Warriors, Spirits: Nomadic Art of North China”, at Indra and Harry Banga Gallery in the City University of Hong Kong, is jointly organised by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Earthpulse Society and the Orochen Foundation, and supported by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. It brings together, for the first time, over 200 treasures of ancient nomadic art from the Shang period to the Liao and Yuan Dynasties. In addition, on view will be 18 monumental bronzes by the contemporary Buryat maestro, Dashi Namdakov, photography by Marc Progin, as well as commissioned animation and new media artworks.


Our special thanks to Mr Hing Chao, Chairman of the Association’s China Sub-committee, provided a guided tour for Association members.

香港城市大學般哥展覽館舉辦《獵人、戰士、神靈:中國北方游牧藝術》展覽。由非物質文化遺產地脈協會和鄂倫春基金會聯合舉辦,並得到香港文化博物館的支持。首次匯集了200多件商代至遼元古代游牧藝術珍品。此外,還展出當代布里亞特大師 Dashi Namdakov 的 18 件紀念性青銅器、Marc Progin 的攝影作品,以及委託製作的動畫和新媒體藝術作品。