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A History of Typhoons in Hong Kong from 1874

Hong Kong’s vulnerable location on the south China coast has resulted in a long history of weathering severe and often catastrophic typhoons. The widespread destruction and the colossal loss of life caused by some of the earlier typhoons on record is almost unimaginable to those of us living in Hong Kong today.


Through photographs, newspaper reports and meteorological observations, "A History of Hong Kong Typhoons from 1874”, takes readers on a journey through Hong Kong over the last 140 years, detailing some of the more impactful typhoons to have affected the territory and highlighting what generations of Hong Kong people have had to endure because of these forces of nature.


The Author, Michael J. Jones’, interest in weather and the sea dates back to 1949 when he joined Alfred Holts, Blue Funnel line as a Cadet. In 1959 he was posted to Alfred Holt’s Wharf Hong Kong for an 18-month assignment … 58 years later he is still here and proud to call Hong Kong his home. Mr Jones’ move to Hong Kong coincided with an intense period of typhoon activity in the 1960s and 1970s. He has witnessed the effects of many typhoons over his nearly six decades living in Hong Kong and working in the shipping industry. This book developed out of a personal interest in typhoons and an abiding respect for the powerful forces of nature and the sea and makes an excellent gift for visitors to Hong Kong.


The Book is selling in local bookshops for $480. HKSOA is able to offer it for $408per book if 3 to 10 books are purchased at the same time and collected from HKSOA, please contact Peggy Kan, Email:- peggy.kan@hksoa.org.


If more than 10 books are ordered at once, please email the Author, Michael Jones, for further discount. Email :- mm88_jones@hotmail.com