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Association 60th Anniversary 'Analyst' Luncheon - Monday, 5 February 2018
In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Association, the "Hong Kong Shipowners Association 60th Anniversary ‘Analyst’ Luncheon" was held successfully at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel on 5th January 2018, with the much appreciated support of Clarkson Research Services Ltd.

Dr. Martin Stopford spoke at the Association’s 50th Anniversary ‘Analyst’ Luncheon and it was our pleasure to welcome him back.

“60 years backwards - 60 years forwards?” was the title of Dr. Stopford’s insightful presentation, where he gave us a brief history of the evolution of sea transport over the past 60 years and presented his forecast of how the industry would look 60 years hence.

Dr. Stopford’s presentation, being based on solid industry analysis and highlighting weaknesses in the prevailing business model of today, provided members with action points to help prepare for and overcome the challenges and disruptions that the industry will be likely to face.

He also answered queries from member attendees regarding the future of the maritime industry.


為慶祝協會成立六十週年,2018年1月5日,協會成功舉辦了「香港船東會慶祝六十週年市場分析午餐會」。午餐會由亞洲嘉信有限公司贊助,於萬麗海景酒店舉行。Martin Stopford博士曾在慶祝協會成立五十週年午餐會上發言。此次,香港船東會慶祝成立六十週年之際,他再次蒞臨香港,擔任慶祝午餐會的演講嘉賓。他在會上以 「海運前後六十載」為題,回顧了航運市場過去六十年的發展歷史,並展望了未來六十年的航運發展。他的演講以堅實的專業分析為基礎,透視了當今流行的商業模式的弱點,為會員提供了付諸行動的要點,幫助業界做好準備,迎接行業未來的挑戰和可能遇到的困難,並且回答了與會者有關海運業未來發展的問題。