We aim to add value to our members' operations, support Hong Kong as a leading maritime centre, and serve as a respected voice for the shipping sector.

The Hong Kong Shipowners Association (HKSOA) was incorporated in 1957 by 11 local shipowners with the purpose of creating a forum for shipowners resident in Hong Kong. Over the past 65 years, the HKSOA has grown into one of the world’s largest shipowner associations, our members owning, managing and/or operating a fleet with a combined carrying capacity of over 223 million deadweight tonnes.

The HKSOA arranges forums for members to meet and discuss issues of concern, informs our members of important changes in the shipping environment through educational seminars and circulars, and represents the interests of members at various platforms. We are a member of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and Asian Shipowners' Association (ASA) and work closely with various maritime organisations.

Our chief purpose is to promote and protect the interests of the Hong Kong domiciled shipowners and ship managers as well as the large number of local professions and services upon whom they rely in the performance of their business.
Message from our Chairman
Mr Angad Banga, JP
HKSOA Chairman
Message from our Chairman
Welcome to the Hong Kong Shipowners Association.

As a trade organization, the Association’s core function is to add value to members’ operations. For over six decades, we have represented the interests of the Hong Kong shipping sector on all fronts, promoted the city as a global maritime centre, and hosted many different programs and activities that create a sense of belonging across the full spectrum of local shipping and shipping-related companies.

I hope this website provides a useful source of reference for our members throughout the year, whilst also being a guide to newcomers to the shipping industry about the broad range of services which go to make up our vibrant maritime community.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To be a responsive trade association by adding value to our members’ operations, supporting Hong Kong as a leading maritime centre and serving as a respected voice for the shipping sector.
Our Mission
We seek to promote and protect our members’ interests, augment Hong Kong as an international maritime centre and as China’s super-connector, actively participate in the global regulatory arena, and encourage engagement between the local shipping community and the general public.

Our Activities

Forum & Networking
We organise regular forums and events to share insights, celebrate milestones and provide networking opportunities.
Seminars & Circulars
We inform our members of important changes and updates in the industry through educational seminars and circulars.
We represent the interests of our members at industry forums and through various channels. We are a member of the International Chamber of Shipping and Asian Shipowners' Association, and work closely with other maritime organisations.
Social Events
Our community enjoys having a good time – whether participating or just spectating, get involved in our social events such as table tennis tournaments and singing competitions.

Patron & Honorary Members

The Hon C.H. Tung, GBM
Vice Chairman of the Tenth to the Thirteenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, People's Republic of China

我們的目標是為會員的營運增值, 支持香港作為領先的航運中心, 並成為航運界受人尊敬的代言人。


香港船東協會為會員安排平台, 讓會員會面並討論關注的問題, 透過教育研討會和通告會員了解航運環境的重要變化, 並在各種平台上代表會員的利益。我們是國際航運公會(ICS)和亞洲船東協會(ASA)的成員, 並與各個海事組織密切合作。

Angad Banga 先生 太平紳士




成為一個積極響應的航運同業協會, 協助會員業務增值,支持香港作為一個領先的航運中心,並成為受航運界尊敬的代言人。