Mr Martin Cresswell
Technical Director 技術總監
Martin is a Marine Engineer who has spent over 40 years operating, managing and building merchant ships for the China Navigation Co Pty Ltd, CNCo; a private company owned by John Swire & Sons London. He was a Board Member for 15yrs before retiring in November 2016, after which he joined the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, HKSOA, as part time Technical Director.

Martin commenced his seafaring career with the P&O Steam Navigation Company in 1969 and on the completion of his cadetship in 1973 joined the China Navigation Co Ltd in Hong Kong. After spending 8yrs years at sea with CNCo, rising from junior engineer to chief engineer, sailing on general cargo and container ships, bulk carriers, ferries and passenger ships, offshore AHS vessels and crane ships he joined the ship management team in Hong Kong.

Martin’s career in ship management ashore with CNCo started in mid 1981 and lasted 35yrs. His first role, as Technical Superintendent, was managing multipurpose and container vessels. This was followed by a short period as Assistant Operations Manager, working for the newly established sister company Swire Pacific Offshore. However, after only 12mths he was requested to return to CNCo and was sent to the UK as a Newbuilding Superintendent to supervise the building of a bulk carrier. After delivery of the ship, he returned to CNCo HK as Ship Manager managing bulkcarriers, multipurpose and container vessels plus a passenger vessel. Martin was promoted to Fleet Manager in 1995 and General Manager Fleet in 2002 and made a Director. When CNCo moved from Hong Kong to Singapore in 2009 his position was renamed Fleet Director.

During his career with CNCo, Martin was responsible for the general design and construction of more than 50 merchant vessels ranging from feeder container and multipurpose ships to handy sized bulkcarriers, transhippers and a cement vessel. The newbuilding’s were all built for long term use by CNCo so were especially designed and built to be as reliable and economical as possible. Other notable responsibilities were the major conversion of a passenger vessel and lengthening of 5 multipurpose container vessels.

Martin has completed numerous professional and management courses; while at sea gaining his UK DTI First Class Motor Certificate of Competency and in management ashore a Higher Diploma in Advanced Ship Management from Strathclyde University and attending the Swire Advanced Management course at INSEAD, France, and the Swire Tsinghua University course, Beijing.

Martin is a member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology UK, IMarEST, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, HKIE, and The Nautical Institute, UK.

Martin was the Chairman of the HKSOA Technical Committee from 1996 to 2009 and has been an active member of the LR and DNV Technical Committees in both Hong Kong and Singapore.
祁敏鈿先生(Martin Cresswell) 是一位海事工程師,曾效力China Navigation Co Pty Ltd (CNCo) 超過40年,負責船舶操作、管理和商船建造等工作。CNCo 是一間由倫敦太古集團擁有的私人公司。祁先生擔任該公司董事局成員達15年,並於在2016年11月榮休後,加入香港船東會任兼職技術總監。

祁敏鈿先生1969年加入P&O Steam Navigation Co. ,開始他的航海生涯。在完成4年海事工程實習生訓練後,於1973年加入香港CNCo。他在海上工作了8年,從初級輪機員晉升為輪機長,曾在雜貨船、集裝箱船、散貨船、渡輪及客船、海洋工程船、油田供應船舶、起重船上工作過 ,之後加入香港的岸上管理團隊。

自1981年中開始,祁敏鈿先生從事CNCo的岸上船舶管理工作,累積了超過35年的岸上工作經驗。他的首個職位是出任技術總監,管理多用途船舶和集裝箱船。隨後短時間內在新成立的姊妹公司Swire Pacific Offshore擔任助理營運經理。12個月後,他被調回CNCo工作,並派往英國出任新造船總管, 監督其中一艘散貨船的建造工作。新船下水後,他回到CNCo香港,獲委任為船務經理, 負責散貨船、多用途船、集裝箱船和客船的管理工作。祁敏鈿先生分別在1995年和2002年被晉升為船隊經理和船隊總經理,並成為公司董事。2009年CNCo由香港遷往新加坡時,他被重新任命為船隊總監.

在CNCo工作期間,祁敏鈿先生負責超過50艘商船的設計和建造工作, 包括支線集裝箱船、多用途船,靈便型散貨船,轉運船和水泥船等。新造船因為是為CNCo長期使用而特別製造,所以均以可靠及經濟實用為原則。此外,他主要負責的工作還包括對一艘客船的重大改裝及對 5艘多功能集裝箱船的加長改裝等。