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Association 65th Anniversary Table Tennis Tournament and Fun Days - 8&9 March

The Table-Tennis Tournament and Fun Day, a most popular event of the Association,  was a resounding success again this year, with over 200 athletes taking part with the support of their colleagues and cheer teams! 

As always, sports is a powerful tool for empowerment and team-building. The event was a true showcase of sportsmanship, community, and inclusivity.

Congratulations to all the winners in the various competition categories, including COSCO Shipping that got the Hong Kong Shipowners Association 65th Anniversary Cup.

Our special thanks to the event sponsors: Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Limited, K C Maritime Hong Kong Limited, China Merchants Energy Shipping Company Limited, and Ocean Line Holdings Limited.

乒乓球錦標賽暨同樂日是香港船東會最受歡迎的活動之一。今年,二百多位健兒在眾多同事和啦啦隊的支持下參加了比賽, 活動再次圓滿成功!



感謝活動的贊助會員:太平洋航運(香港)有限公司, KC Maritime Hong Kong Limited, 招商局能源運輸股份有限公司和遠航集團有限公司。

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