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Association ‘Analyst’ Luncheon - “2024 – Will the Dragon Roar?” 市場分析午餐會 - ”2024 年 -龍在吼嗎?〞

Association Analyst Luncheon – “2024 – Will the Dragon Roar?”

The Association has invited its long-time member Mr Tim Huxley to give his thoughts on the shipping market on the year to come and how the multiple talents in Hong Kong shipping industry face the opportunities that come with turbulent times.

Mr Tim Huxley is the Chairman of Mandarin Shipping Limited and former Vice Chairman of the Association. He has spent over four decades in the shipping industry, the majority in Hong Kong.

協會年度分析師午餐會 – ”2024 年 -龍在吼嗎?〞

協會邀請了資深會員Tim Huxley先生於午宴上發表了對未來一年市場前景的看法,以及香港航運業的眾多人才如何面對動盪時期可能帶來的機遇。

Tim Huxley先生現任Mandarin Shipping Limited主席,前任香港船東會副主席。 他在航運業工作了40多年,其中大部分時間在香港。

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