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Association Seminar "Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Ships through Drag Reduction” by 13 Mari, past winner of the Captain’s Table in 2021 協會研討會,主題 :“通過減少阻力提高船舶的能源效率”,由 2021 年船長榜冠軍 13 Mari 主講

13 Mari has developed an innovative way to reduce hull resistance using specialised elements attached to the forward end of a ship and presented details of the theory, tank test results and practical application followed by an extensive Q&A.

13 Mari 開發了一種創新方法,使用附在船前端的專用元件來降低船體阻力。講者並介紹了其理論、水槽測試結果和實際應用的詳細信息。參加者於答問環節非常湧躍。

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