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HKSOA/AITHER Joint Seminar – The EU ETS Scheme Explained

The Association organised a seminar, “The EU ETS Scheme Explained” for members to prepare themselves for the scheme commencing on 1 Jan 2024 for any ship on a voyage to an EU port of trading between EU ports.  The seminar was presented by “Aither” a Swiss based company that has been in the business of trading EU EAUs since 2010. It was very well attended and members were fully appraised of the scheme, including details of how to register for a Maritime Operators Holding Account.

協會舉辦了「歐盟排放交易(EU ETS)體系詳解」的研討會,讓會員為該計劃做好準備。該計劃將於2024 年1 月1 日開始實施,適用於在歐盟港口之間航行至歐盟貿易港口的任何船舶。 研討會由瑞士公司「Aither」主講。該公司自 2010 年一直從事歐盟 排放權配額( EAU)的貿易業務。研討會參加人數眾多,出席的會員對該計劃給予充分評價,包括如何註冊海事運營商控股帳戶的詳細信息。

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