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HKSOA/Ecochlor seminar on Energy Efficient Ships: A Vital Component in Achieving Maritime Net-Zero Emission 協會與Ecochlor聯辦 節能船舶研討會:實現海上淨零排放的重要元素

The Maritime industry is shifting towards decarbonization with the introduction of green ship technology. Starting in 2023, ships must meet Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) requirements to remain compliant. Ships that fail to maintain an acceptable rating on CII will face taxes proportionately higher than those which demonstrate efficient emission levels.

The seminar has discussed three key solutions for ships to stay in compliance with EEXI and CII standards.

隨著綠色船舶技術的引入,航運業正在轉向脫碳。 從 2023 年開始,船舶必須滿足現有船舶能效指數 (EEXI) 和碳強度指標 (CII) 的要求才能保持合規。 未能在 CII 上保持可接受評級的船舶將面臨比顯示出有效排放水平的船舶更高比例的稅收。

研討會上,講者與到場人士討論了船舶符合 EEXI 和 CII 標準的三個關鍵解決方案。

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