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Joint HKSOA & LNRS Seminar 協會和LNRS聯辦研討會

The Association  hosted a joint seminar with LexisNexis Risk Solutions ” Stay Resilient with Trade Compliance”. As Sanctions, geo-political conflicts, and regulatory changes are stirring the shipping business landscape, staying compliant and resilient has become more critical than ever to ship owners and industry stakeholders. Where the presenters dove into trade compliance and geo-political challenges in APAC and shared best practices in managing these risks while meeting P&I requirements by utilizing relevant tools to facilitate your business.

協會與 LexisNexis Risk Solutions 共合辦了「保持貿易合規彈性」研討會。 隨著制裁、地緣政治衝突和監管變化正在攪動航運業版圖,保持合規性和彈性對於船東和業界持份者來說都變得比以往更為重要。講者深入探討亞太地區的貿易合規和地緣政治挑戰,並分享管理這些風險的最佳方案,同時利用相關工具,促進您的業務以滿足保賠要求。

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