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HKSOA & StormGeo Joint seminar - 2023 Typhoon Outlook and Its Impact on Decarbonization 協會與StormGeo聯辦研討會:2023年颱風展望及其對脫碳的影響

Typhoons have significant implications for the shipping industry, often leading to disruptions in supply chains and causing delays for ships, crew, and cargo. Safety remains the utmost priority, and it is crucial to understand the typhoon outlook to manage operations effectively.  During the seminar, Petty Leung, an esteemed Executive Director at StormGeo,  reflected on the 2022 typhoon season and provided insights into the typhoon outlook for 2023. Furthermore, the event also addressed how severe weather conditions could impact decarbonization strategies and explored potential approaches to address these challenges.


颱風對航運業產生重大影響,通常會導致供應鏈中斷,並導致船舶、船員和貨物延誤。 安全仍然是重中之重,了解颱風前景對於有效管理運營至關重要。 在研討會上,StormGeo 執行董事Petty Leung女士回顧了 2022 年颱風季節,並對 2023 年颱風前景提出了見解。此外,活動還討論了惡劣的天氣條件如何影響脫碳戰略,並探討了應對這些挑戰的潛在方法。

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