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Joint HKSOA / Accelleron Turbo Systems Networking Luncheon

During the luncheon, Mr Jin-Woo Seong, General Manager of Accelleron Turbo Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd has introduced to the audience their group new branding.   Guest speaker, Mr Shailesh Shirsekar has shared with the guests their “Turbo AuxiliaryCare”  service during the lunchtime talk.

Our special thanks again to Accelleron Turbo Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd for sponsorship the luncheon.

午宴上,奥赛能涡輪增壓系统(香港)有限公司總經理成真宇先生向在場嘉賓介紹了他們集團的新品牌。 主講嘉賓 Shailesh Shirsekar 先生亦於席間分享了他們的“Turbo AuxiliaryCare”服務。

我們再次特別鳴謝 奥赛能涡輪增壓系统(香港)有限公司贊助是次午宴。

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