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Joint Webinar "Tropical Cyclone Forecast - Season 2022" by StormGeo 協會與StormGeo 舉辦網上研討會 〝2022 年季節熱帶氣旋預報 〞

Typhoon season in the West Pacific has started with the first typhoon Malakas followed by tropical storm Megi in April. What is the forecast for this 2022 seasons? How would the ongoing La Niña conditions affect the number of storms, their tracks and intensity? Across to the Atlantic, what is the story behind the predicted above average hurricane number? For vessels sailing in these basins with active storms, what would be some routing strategies in mitigating the risk?

Speaker from StormGeo Mr Michael Krch has  over 20 years of experience in meteorological operations including maritime transport risk management and route analysis.   During the webinar,  he shared his view on  how shore-based routing service might assist vessels to avoid encountering severe weather, causing dangerous vessel motions and potential cargo loss.

西太平洋的颱風季節已於四月的第一場颱風”Malakas” 開始了,隨後是熱帶風暴”Megi” 。 2022 年賽季的預測是什麼? 持續的拉尼娜現象將如何影響風暴的數量、路徑和強度? 在大西洋彼岸,預測的颶風數量高於平均水平,背後的故事是什麼? 對於在這些風暴活躍的盆地航行的船舶來說,有哪些航線策略可以降低風險?

StormGeo 的講者 Michael Krch 先生在氣象運作方面擁有 20 多年的經驗,包括海上運輸風險管理和路線分析。 在網路研討會上,他分享了關於岸基航線服務如何幫助船舶避免遭遇惡劣天氣、導致危險的船舶航行和潛在貨物損失的觀點。

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