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Methanol as a Marine Fuel - Interactive Workshop 甲醇作為燃料“的互動研討會- 13th April

The Methanol Institute organised the “Methanol as a Fuel Interactive Workshop”.   Methanol is becoming increasingly attractive as a green low emission fuel for shipping.   The seminar has discussed :

– Maritime Decarbonization Policy
– Global Supply and Low Carbon Methanol Production, Availability & Pathways
– Technology and Shipbuilding Engines Technology & Fuel Cells
– Storage, Bunkering, Safe Handling and Training

甲醇研究所 (The Methanol Institute)舉辦了題為“甲醇作為燃料“的互動研討會。 甲醇作為航運的綠色低排放燃料正變得越來越有吸引力。 研討會討論了以下的議題:

– 海事脫碳政策
– 全球供應和低碳甲醇的生產及其可用性和途徑
– 技術與造船發動機技術與燃料電池
– 儲存、加油、安全處理及培訓

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