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Circular Ref: A(24)52

Members are invited to consider the most recent Risk Intelligence reports provided at the annexes as follows:

  • Annex A – Red Sea Update
  • Annex B – Northern Black Sea Report

Annex A provides the most recent report on the situation in the Red Sea, where attacks by Houthi forces continue to threaten merchant ships and seafarers. The Northern Black Sea Report provided at Annex B puts the week’s main incidents into a broader context to highlight current threat levels and potential changes for maritime operations. The report also contains a port status overview and forecast that cover the main concerns going forward.

In accordance with the scope of the agreement between ICS and Risk Intelligence, members are requested not to circulate the report further in its entirety. Members may precis the report or use extracts from it to help advise members on key issues or to assist in enquiries. In such cases, Risk Intelligence should be acknowledged as the source of the information.

MC(24)38 -Annex A – 2024-03-20 Risk Intelligence – Security Threat Update Red Sea

MC(24)38 -Annex B – Risk Intelligence Northern Black Sea – Russia Ports Report_21MAR2024 

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