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China Sub-committee delegation visit to Shanghai 中國委員會代表團訪問上海

Mr. Hing Chao, Vice Chairman of China Sub-committee, led a delegation visit to Shanghai on 17th June 2021. The delegation visited China Shipowners Association (CSA) and Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission (SMTC), and exchanged views on issues of concern to the industry, including sustainable development of shipping, cooperation between Shanghai and Hong Kong, China’s ratification of the“Hong Kong Convention”, crew change and vaccination arrangements for seafarers during COVID-19 in Chinese ports, green shipping and smart shipping.

Picture 1: Mr. Hing Chao presented the HKSOA year book and the new publication “Think Maritime” to Mr. Zhang Shouguo, Executive Vice Chairman of CSA (left).

Picture 2: A group photo of the HKSOA delegation and the CSA representatives.

Picture 3: The HKSOA delegation was received by Mr. Ye Xing, Deputy Director, SMTC.

Picture 4: A group photo of the HKSOA delegation and the SMTC representatives.







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