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IMO Sub-Committe on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping 國際海事組織 (IMO) 人為因素、培訓及值班小組委員會 (HTW) 會議 (HTW)

7 – 10 February 2023

Association’s Director of Regulatory Affairs Capt. Nittin Handa attended the 9th Session of the Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping sub-committee (HTW) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as part of the Hong Kong, China delegation. Through the visit, the Association gained insight into the key issues affecting the shipping industry which are being discussed at the IMO and what to expect in the near future.


香港船東會法規事務總監 Nittin Handa 船長, 以中國香港代表團成員的身份, 出席國際海事組織 (IMO) 人為因素、培訓及值班小組委員會 (HTW) 第 9 次會議。通過是次活動,協會加深瞭解 IMO 正在討論有關對航運業影響的一些關鍵議題及未來路向。

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