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Industry Speed Dating Event at the Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI) 海事訓練學院學員與航運業界「速配日」

Captain Gautam Ramaswamy, Director – Regulatory Affairs, of the HKSOA attended the industry speed dating event at the Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI). He shared with aspiring seafarers insights from his own career as a seafarer and the many opportunities that the maritime industry offers, both onboard and ashore. The event was attended by many HKSOA member companies, who selected Hong Kong cadets for their fleet, from those attending the event. We thank Mr CM Wong, Director MSTI and Captain Marso Law for organising this meaningful event.

協會監管事務總監 Gautam Ramaswamy 船長出席了在海事訓練學院 (MSTI) 舉行的行業速配活動。他與有抱負的海員分享了自己的海員職業生涯以及航運業在船上和岸上所提供的許多機會。是次活動有很多協會公司會員參加。他們從參加活動的人員中挑選了香港學員加入他們的船隊。非常感謝海事訓練學院總監黃志明先生及羅冠斌船長安排這次極具意義的活動。

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