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Joint HKSOA / DNV Bulk Carrier seminar 協會和 DNV聯辦有關散貨船的研討會

The Association and DNV co-hosted a seminar where DNV provided insights into the bulk-carrier market outlook for 2023, including their report on the demand for dry bulk commodities, which was informative and gave the audience a forward-looking perspective on what to anticipate. They also gave a presentation on the latest and forthcoming environmental regulations.

協會和 DNV 共合辦了有關散貨船的研討會。DNV 提供了對 2023 年散貨船市場前景的見解,包括他們關於乾散貨商品需求的報告。該報告內容豐富,並為參加者提供了前瞻性的預測視角 . 他們還介紹了最新和即將出台的環境法規。

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