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Joint Webinar "Power Your Fleet to Energy Savings and Decarbonisation" by Alfa Laval 協會與Alfa Lavel聯辦網絡研討會 - “為您的車隊提供節能和脫碳動力”

The speaker from Alfa Lavel has introduced their new, innovative, E-PowerPack, which could turn waste heat into electricity.

This product could  help existing ships and newbuildings lower their EEDI, EEXI and CII. The E-PowerPack uses many sources of otherwise wasted heat from the main and auxiliary engines to turn it into useful electricity.

Alfa Lavel講者介紹他們的新型創新 E-PowerPack,它可以將廢熱轉化為電能。

這項新產品可以幫助船舶和新造船降低其 EEDI、EEXI 和 CII。 E-PowerPack 使用許多來自主引擎和輔助引擎的廢熱源將其轉化為有用的電力。

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