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Joint Webinar "Robotic Hull Cleaning in China" with Neptune Robotics 協會與Neptune Robotics 聯辦網絡研討會 ”中國的機器人船體清潔機〞

Neptune Robotics, based in Shenzhen, who have pioneered hull cleaning of ships in Chinese ports using robotic cleaners.  Robotic hull cleaning machines have proved to be very effective at removing slime, weed, tube worms and barnacles while minimising damage to antifouling paints and can even clean above the waterline.

Biofouling of ships hulls can significantly increase friction resulting in lower speeds or increased fuel consumption. From 1/1/2023, when the EEXI, CII and SEEMP come into force, the effect of any hull fouling will become more serious with negative implications for a vessels carbon intensity rating.

總部位於深圳的 Neptune Robotics 率先使用機器人清潔機對中國港口的船舶進行船體清潔。 事實證明,機器人船體清潔機在去除黏液、海草、管蟲和藤壺方面非常有效,同時最大限度地減少對防污塗料的損壞,甚至可以清潔水線以上。

船體的生物垢會顯著增加摩擦力,導致速度降低或燃料消耗增加。 從 2023 年 1 月 1 日起,當 EEXI、CII 和 SEEMP 生效時,任何船體污垢的影響都將變得更加嚴重,並對船舶碳強度評級產生負面影響。

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